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It is always best to prepare for the cold nights today rather than worry in the next few days when everybody else is busy. You sure do not want to end up freezing during these nights just because you do not have any heating system at your place to keep you warm and comfortable. That is why it is best to install an effective heating system to free you from the chills and give you the cosiness at your very own homes.

There are a lot of heating systems to consider. One of which is the renowned combi boiler that gives the same warmth and comfort like others but costs lesser than that of the other expensive heating systems. If you want to know more about our combi boilers at Heating Systems 24, feel free to call us at and we would be very glad to answer all your queries on our services.

What is a combi boiler?

Combi Boiler is an ingenious kind of boiler design that is composed of a pump, hot water storage cylinder, vent and tanks. These are all combined into one unit design to achieve its purpose of saving space in your homes and offices. With combi boiler, you do not have to wait a long period of time to heat water unlike with the conventional boilers we have known. It is technically more energy efficient, cost effective and definitely space saving.

How would you know you have the best combi boiler installer?

This is the most critical part in having a combi boiler installed at your place. You may find the service less costly but you might have mistakenly entrusted such delicate job to amateurs. So in order to be sure, here are the following tips to consider in finding the right combi boiler installer:

  • Make sure the engineer you hire is Gas Safe Registered.
  • Heed to what your friends and family recommend.
  • Choose a company who has already established a good reputation
  • Make sure you hire a qualified electrician and technician
  • Choose a company whom you can deal with anytime of the day
  • The company you are dealing with is capable of doing anything that you require
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions. From their answers, you can distinguish the professionals from the amateurs
  • They are fully insured and licensed

Are you still unsure about your combi boiler installation? Have it 100% sure with Heating Systems 24. Contact us today at and our trained staff would be very much willing to be of service to you.

An exceptional service that guarantees you a peace of mind

Heating Systems 24 is a professional combi boiler installer who has been servicing a large base of satisfied clients for many years already. Our engineers are certified Gas Safe registered and very much competent to do all your requirements.

You can be assured that all our works are done excellently leaving no room for mistakes. We strictly adhere to established standards thereby guaranteeing you a safe and effective installation at the most affordable rate.

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How we treat our clients

Almost all of the companies aim to be on top. Well, even at Heating Systems 24, we aim to be on top. But what we aim most is to make our customers satisfied as well as keeping them satisfied all the time. We always give them our full dedication. As a result, most of our deals come from repeat customers.

With us you will always be treated as VIPs. So, to experience the finest customer service in London, call us at . We will provide you with the best and exceptional service you truly deserve.