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Answers to most common questions from heating experts London

Frequently asked questions

Heating Systems 24 is very customer friendly. We are always ready to answer your queries and provide you with your household needs. It is our pleasure to serve you with our best knowledge. Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you in knowing about our company and our services.

What will be the first thing to do if our gas heating system malfunctions?

In cases that you smell gas, the first thing you should do is turn off the gas at the meter. You have to open the windows and leave the place at once.

Call us right away to respond to your emergency immediately.

How much does it cost me?

We do quality services for an affordable rate. We make sure that your pay is all worth it. You would no longer be worrying about additional costs in the future.
We are offering very competitive prices.

What is Gas Safe Register?

"Gas Safe Register is the official gas registration body for the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Guernsey, appointed by the relevant Health and Safety Authority for each area. By law all gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register."


Do you have Gas Safe Registered Engineers?

Yes, we have ONLY Gas Safe Registered heating engineers. Every gas engineer have identity card and you can check it.

How will I know that your heating engineers and plumbers are competent to do the job?

Heating Systems 24 makes sure that our heating engineers and plumbers are the right people to do the job by conducting a comprehensive background checks and tests. From these procedures, we can assess that these people really have the skills and qualifications to do the important jobs of your house. All our gas engineers are Gas Safe Registered.

We are in this business over 25 years, so we are very experienced, knowledgeable and insured.

Can I use non registered gas engineer?

We do not recommend any unsafe gas work. When non registered person is fitting your boiler then you can't register boiler, so you haven't warranty. When you use Heating Systems 24 engineers, we give you documents after installation.

How fast can you provide me with someone to check on my heating system?

We will assess your need and will assign the most suitable plumber or heating engineer to respond to you. They will be able to do it while you are still on the phone. They can set a timely appointment which is acceptable to you and wherein the assigned professional can visit your house and attend to your need. Usually, this visit can be made on the same day or next day if this is not an emergency case.

Do you provide Gas Safety Certificate?

Yes, we do. We provide Gas Safety Check and Gas Safety Services.

Gas Safety Certificate Sample

Can I install boiler myself?

We do not recommend any DIY gas work. Don't put lives at risk!

For your queries call us at and get your free quotation.